what people say about us

Monika is a highly gifted film maker whose craft skills are exceptional. We have worked together for over 10 years and she never fails to over deliver. Without her I doubt our company would have received so many accolades.” – Peter cook, MD Screenspace Productions

Your partners

Monika Koeck @ cinetecture

Creative director

Monika is a professionally trained architect, dancer and award-winning filmmaker – simply put, the backbone of all our creative outputs. She is a Cambridge University graduate whose artistic work is shown on festivals and exhibitions world-wide.

Richard Koeck @ cinetecture

founding Director

Richard is a creative practitioner working on the intersection of moving images and space in CineTecture and academia. He is Professor in Architecture and the Visual Arts at the University of Liverpool and responsible for all research aspects of our work. 

Expertise @ cinetecture

People, Places and Narratives

Our expertise lies in the tectonics of space and screen space. We care about people, places and narratives; and we believe in the narrative strength of “cinema” (moving images) and “architecture” (space). We therefore founded “CineTecture”.

THEORY and Practice @ Cinetecture

Cinematic Geographies

We see architecture and cities not just as places of visual consumption, but also of production; a apparatus or, perhaps, a system that is based on movement, light and the body, and which we can explored in kinematic, kinetic, and kinaesthetic ways.

your projects


Global reach

We are a small award-winning company with a lot of experience and a high-profile national and international client base. Our work features in festivals, museums as well as research, commercial and ministerial summits in the UK, Europe, USA and China.



Do you need a partner to visualise your big idea or launch a project or initiative? Perhaps you would like to dissiminate a commercial product/service or research output with a wider audience? We can help you to maximise and capture the “impact” of your work.



Our clients return to us because they trust in working with a small creative team of film and media professionals. We are fully dedicated to our clients’ needs in relation to business enterprises, governmental initiatives, artistic practices or research projects.

creativity @ cinetecture


We create “moving images” – films and media solutions that not only capture movement, but also “move” the spectator. We help entrepreneurs, leading edge researchers, and global enterprises to creatively visualise their concepts, ideas and results. 


What we can do for you


A full service from concept and idea development to implementation of films/digital media productions.

cinematography & Sound

A broadcast experienced team of camera and steady cam operators as well as sound engineers.

post production

Non-linear editing and colour grading of non/-commercial projects ranging from shorts to feature length programmes.

2d/3d Animations

Digital modeling, prototyping and 2D/ 3D digital animations tailored to any projects.

motion graphics & CGI

Custom-made motion graphics and computer-generated imagery that bring your project to life. 

Location based media

Location-based media applications using mapping, tracking and augmented reality (AR) technologies.

research-based practice

Knowledge transfer of complex research concepts and content into moving image practice specific to your sector.


Encoding of audio and moving image content to all standard and high resolution formats.


High resolution 360° filming and VR production that captures and builds 3D environments.